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Join millions of people across the nation on January 12th as they participate in the annual National Marzipan Day. On January 12th, the celebration kicks off with creatively formed confections that delight the eyes and mouth!

Marzipan is a confection made primarily of sugar or honey and ground almonds for anyone who does not know. It is also sometimes augmented with almond oil or extract. Candy makers use this sweet confection to make a variety of sweets. Some of them include:

  • Marzipan-filled chocolate
  • Small replicas of fruits and vegetables
  • Rolled into thin sheets and used as a glaze for icing cakes

Some people also create miniature marzipan animal figures, incorporating them into New Year’s Day celebrations and traditions.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMarzipanDay

On this creative holiday, test your artistic skills by making some marzipan. Decorate a cake or make decorations for cookies. Custom make some candies for a special occasion. Invite the family to join you. You could also take a class to master the skill of making marzipan. Do you know someone who makes marzipan? Give them a shout-out for their unique creations. 

Use #NationalMarzipanDay to post on social media.

Marzipan FAQ

Q. How is marzipan made?
A. Confectioners begin by cleaning raw almonds through various methods. Then they immerse the almonds in water simmering just below the boiling point. This step loosens the almond skins for easy removal. The final steps include cooking and grinding the almonds into almond flour mixed with sugar. For additional sweetness and binding, confectioners add corn syrup or another binder before molding. 

Q. How does marzipan taste?
A. As you can imagine, marzipan tastes sweet and nutty. 

Q. Are almond paste and marzipan the same thing?
A. No. However, they are made with the same ingredients. Marzipan is sweeter than almond paste due to the almond/sugar ratio. Grocery stores offer both items ready-made.

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