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Each year on January 21st, National Granola Bar Day recognizes the considerable nutrition and energy found in one wholesome granola bar.

A basic granola bar includes whole grain (usually oats, though quinoa and barley can be used as well), fruit or nuts and honey, molasses, agave nectar, or syrup. The bar can also include butter or nut butter. Flavor and nutrition benefit from a variety of combinations.

When making granola bars, mix the ingredients, and press them into a pan. When the ingredients set, cut them into bars. For a crispy bar, the mixture is baked. Softer, more chewy versions are left raw or only partially cooked. Additionally, they can be stored in sealed containers and frozen for long-term use.

The ingredients pack granola bars with energy. Additionally, these little bars of grains and complex sugars offer convenience, too. Easily stored in a pocket while on a hiking or biking trail, the wrapper goes out with you. While considered a healthy food by some, the bars are high in calories. Hikers, bicyclists, and fitness enthusiasts add granola bars to their diet as a way to give a boost of energy. Despite their high calories, they offer a more healthful alternative to a candy bar for those of us who don’t hit the trails very often.

Outside of the United States, granola bars are called by various names; flapjack, muesli bar, and a cereal bar.

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While mixing up a pan of granola bars, try some variety. Mix up the nuts, grains, and fruit. Don’t hesitate to try agave in place of honey. Try quinoa, millet, and buckwheat. They will add another level of texture and nuttiness to your granola. Dried cranberries, coconut, dates, apricots offer a variety of natural sweetness without adding sugar. Share your favorite combinations.

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Granola Bar FAQ

Q. How many calories are in a granola bar?
A. Granola bars vary by ingredients and brands. That said, one granola bar may have between 90 and 150 calories.

Q. What are some of the benefits of granola bars?
A. Granola bars come with both benefits and drawbacks. Here are things to consider when choosing to add granola bars to your diet:

Read the labels. Most granola bars are made with fiber-rich whole grains which our bodies need. However, some also add a lot of sugar and fat, increasing the calories in a granola bar. For those who compete in physical competitions, those added fat and calories are beneficial. But if you’re looking at the granola bar as a way to lose weight, it might not help you achieve the goals you’re setting.
Choose pre-portioned bars. Luckily, almost every granola bar is individually wrapped. Portion control is one of the biggest obstacles for people trying to lose weight. Allowing yourself one serving helps to prevent overeating.
Go whole. Whole grain, whole food granola bars are the best option overall. These types of granola bars will contain the least amount of calories and processed sugars.

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