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Few ingredients make a meal richer and more flavorful than butter. On November 17th, National Butter Day gives this creamy ingredient, and those who make it, a pat on the back.

Butter has been used by humans for thousands of years. As recently as the first half of the last century, the butter churn was an essential tool in many kitchens. When butter was rationed during World War II, households struggled to get along without this delicious staple.


Butter can be used in simple and complex ways – spread a pat of butter on warm toast for an instant hit of flavor and texture or use it to create the light, flaky layers in a croissant. It also enhances the mouthfeel of hot drinks, like coffee and cocktails, and it keeps meats tender while roasting. Butter is the crucial ingredient in mouthwatering sauces, rich cookies, creamy mashed potatoes, hearty casseroles, and so much more.

The average American eats 6.3 pounds, or about 25 sticks, of cow’s butter every year. Around the world, butter can be found in cuisines of every culture, and each one uses it to enhance their recipes and enrich their lives.

Around the dinner table, the phrase “Please, pass the butter,” connects us to those we break bread with and to the food we love to eat. National Butter Day invites you to celebrate your favorite dishes and baked goods with butter.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalButterDay

National Butter Day offers so many avenues for celebration. Whether you set to work in your kitchen making family favorites or test out a new recipe, take a moment to recognize the role butter plays in our food.

  • Bake cookies with the kids. Be sure to let them mix the butter and sugar together.
  • Make compound or brown butter and reap the flavor benefits.
  • Thank a dairy farmer, milk hauler, or butter maker, like those at Dinner Bell Creamery, for the butter they make possible.
  • Compliment the chef who made the delicious, buttery sauce for your seafood meal.

When you celebrate, be sure to share your stories and photos on social media using #NationalButterDay and tag Dinner Bell Creamery on Facebook and Instagram.



Dinner Bell Creamery – a cooperative owned by the dairy farm families of AMPI – founded National Butter Day in 2021 to celebrate this culturally important and incredibly delicious food. They also honor the modern-day process of butter making, from raising dairy cows on family farms to crafting butter for sale in stores and markets.

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