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National Bartender Day recognizes the servers who not only know every cocktail in the book but who also tend to be some of the best listeners around. Also known as National Bartender Appreciation Day, the observance takes a day to raise a toast to the men and women working the late nights. Their minds contain an index of creative cocktails and mixed drinks to quench their patron’s thirst.

The best bartenders keep an eye out for their clientele. They bring us in with some of the best chili and snacks. Then, they keep us coming back all year long with football, baseball, and hockey. Some make a home in dive bars where everyone knows each other. Others keep us company in airport bars as we’re passing through.

At the pub or our favorite restaurant, they keep the bar stocked and ready to serve. Whether it’s a shot, a craft beer or club soda, they are prepared to pour. You know who we’re talking about. And at the end of the night, at closing time, they offer taxis and rideshares, too. Then it’s time to clean up and start all over again.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBartenderDay

Show your bartender some appreciation. Tip them extra well. Be the designated driver for your group. Accept the taxi when it’s offered. Make their job a little bit easier. As always, remember never to drink and drive. Use #NationalBartenderDay to share on social media.


Sailor Jerry Rum founded Bartender Appreciation Day in 2011 to honor hard-working bartenders everywhere.

Bartender FAQ

Q. Do bartenders have to be licensed?
A. In the United States, bartenders do not have to be licensed to work as a bartender. However, many states offer programs that ensure compliance with state and local laws. Some of these programs are mandatory depending on the state. These programs offer certificates to both the bartender and servers.

Q. Do bartenders go to school to learn their craft?
A. Some bartenders do attend a bartending school to learn the trade, technique, recipes, and familiarize themselves with the law.

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