Los Angeles: LAX’s Luxury Private Terminal PS Debuts New Lounge Space

Los Angeles: LAX’s Luxury Private Terminal PS Debuts New Lounge Space

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Designed by celebrity interior design consultant Cliff Fong, the PS Salon offers the same feel of traveling private at a fraction of the price of the company’s suites.

Luxury travel just leveled up at LAX.

Known as the luxury pitstop for high-profile, commercial airline travelers, PS — LAX’s private terminal — has just premiered a lounge space, The Salon, a more social and less expensive complement to its recently renovated suites.

Described by PS as the “antithesis of overcrowded airport lounges,” The Salon is a social space for solo travelers or small groups to avoid the hustle and bustle of airport traffic at a more accessible price than that of the PS suites. Similarly to the suite treatment, guests at The Salon will be escorted by a PS Agent throughout the entirety of their departure or arrival, including direct transportation across the airfield to the plane before take-off. PS is situated adjacent to LAX’s terminals, which guests never set foot in.

Complete with a lounge and full bar, outdoor garden, and complimentary food and drink, The Salon also offers guests expedited TSA screenings, as well as customs and immigration processing for international travel. Once inside the lounge, travelers will have access to a full menu and bar courtesy of The h.wood Group (Delilah, The Nice Guy, Poppy and Slab) featuring California-Mediterranean inspired cuisine with a seasonally rotating food and beverage selection. As for the social aspect of the new space, The Salon will be limiting occupancy to intimate numbers.


Heading into the debut of The Salon, the main goals of the PS team were to create a space that reflected the local tastes in Los Angeles. With this in mind, they teamed up with Cliff Fong, renowned interior design consultant, who not only had a vision for capturing that L.A. vibe, but also for curating a more residential feel within the space.

“One of our main goals of the redesign was to bring a more residential feel to what would otherwise be a very commercial or transient experience,” says PS co-CEO Amina Belouizdad. “A lot of airports feel nothing like home — they can’t by design — so we wanted to go as far away from that as possible.”

In what Belouizdad called an “extremely collaborative” partnership with Fong, the team was able to cultivate a space that evokes the comforts of home. As an homage to luxury travel and coveted destinations, they hand-selected several decor pieces and furniture items from vintage dealers, including unique artwork, coffee table books and vintage Goyard pieces, in order to create a more personal feel for guests.

Fong — whose past clients include Ryan Murphy, and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi — took a more personal approach to the design process at PS. With an earthy, neutral color palette in mind, Fong sought to create an environment that was comfortable and relaxing, yet still elegant and luxurious.

“Airport terminals, even VIP lounges, don’t approach hospitality in the same way that PS does,” Fong says of his collaboration with the company. “Expectations for what luxury and comfort are truly varies by client, so the challenge as an interior designer was striking a note that actually registers as something unique and special.”

He continues: “The word luxury is a broad term. For some, luxury is just being able to wait in a private room, or having a car service. For PS, luxury is something exceptional outside of their daily reality.”

And while Fong brought his design sensibilities to the table, the PS team were able to provide a more customer-focused perspective. Having opened in 2017, PS had three years of experience, knowledge and data to inform their design choices when curating the space, specifically in regard to customer wants and needs.

“Whether guests or members are leaving or arriving with us, we want them to feel like they’re already home in LA when they land,” the co-CEO added.


As vaccination rates increase, travel and flight industries have seen a boom in demand for personal vacations (though the rise of the Delta variant may change that). Belouizdad cites a few forces at play here, all of which seem to be led by this idea of “revenge travel,” or the urge to make up for lost time in the pandemic. As a result, PS has found an interest among travelers to spend more on an indulgent travel experience, while still maintaining a social distance, away from the highly-crowded airport terminals.

While New York City remains the premier destination for PS travelers, Belouizdad notes that the luxury service has seen a recent rise in customers traveling to resort destinations such as Hawaii and Mexico, as well.

Next up, Belouizdad and co-CEO Joshua Gausman have their eyes on New York and Miami as the next locations for future PS suites and Salon lounges.

“For us, the goal is to be in every major airport in the United States,” Belouizdad explains.

Member and non-member reservations for The Salon are available at $695 per use, per person. The Salon is reserved for individuals 21 and over.

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