Laura Prepon Says She Left Scientology 5 Years Ago: “It’s No Longer Part of My Life”

Laura Prepon Says She Left Scientology 5 Years Ago: “It’s No Longer Part of My Life”

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The ‘Orange Is the New Black’ star said her involvement with the church was a result of her “being open-minded” but that she evolved and moved beyond it.

Laura Prepon says she is no longer an active member of Scientology, having exited the high-profile and controversial church five years ago.

The Orange Is the New Black and That ’70s Show actress revealed her departure from the church, which also counts actors Leah Remini and Jason Lee among its former members, in a recent interview with People. The wide-ranging conversation spanned the many changes Prepon has experienced across her life, including her relationship with her mother, her own motherhood and her eating disorder.

Prepon acknowledged that her shifting relationship with Scientology was part of her ongoing religious evolution. “I’m no longer practicing Scientology,” said Prepon. “I’ve always been very open-minded, even since I was a child. I was raised Catholic and Jewish. I’ve prayed in churches, meditated in temples. I’ve studied Chinese meridian theory. I haven’t practiced Scientology in close to five years, and it’s no longer part of my life.”

The SAG Award winner pointed to her experiences with motherhood as an illustration of her decision to step away from her Scientology phase, just as she’s also moved on from other things in her life, including her anxiety around parenting when she was a new mom.

“If motherhood has taught me anything so far, it’s that something can work out for a period of time and then you move on and evolve from that,” Prepon told the magazine. “As a new mom, I was riddled with anxiety that I had never experienced before. My friends who were mothers with older kids said, ‘Laura, this is a phase, you’ll move on and then it will be something different.’ And that has transcended into other parts of my life. We’re all evolving. I always see that with my kids.”

Now, she has turned to meditation, a source of solace for the actress and something she can do with her husband, actor Ben Foster, who never practiced Scientology. “We meditate daily and I’m really liking it because it’s something that helps me to hear my own voice and it’s something we can do together,” she said.

Prepon’s reps declined to offer further comment to The Hollywood Reporter, which also reached out to the Church of Scientology.

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