“I’m Going to Miss Being Comfortable”: Hollywood Insiders on Saying Goodbye to Work-From-Home Styles

“I’m Going to Miss Being Comfortable”: Hollywood Insiders on Saying Goodbye to Work-From-Home Styles

BY WENDY WEINER | HollywoodReporter.Com

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As people start to return to office life, The Hollywood Reporter asked Alex Newell, Gloria Calderon Kellet and more about their beloved casual styles (which may not transition so easily).

For more than a year, most offices have been closed and, for many, homes became workplaces. Weekday style went from workplace-appropriate to more like casual-adjacent. Now that people are venturing back to office life, THR asked Hollywood insiders what pandemic-comfort clothing item they’ll miss most.


“I played a lawyer in a Law & Order miniseries about the Menendez brothers murders [in 2017]. When shooting was over, I was happy to never think of [those] brothers again. As a wrap gift, they sent this sweatshirt that says ‘Menendez.’ I thought it was odd to wear, but with the pandemic, I was like, ‘I’m just going to slip this on.’ It is crazily the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.”


ANGELINA CHEN (Literary Manager, Energy Entertainment)

“These cheap stretchy black tights from Costco. They’re called ‘Mommy tights’ because a lot of moms wear them around the house. I’m not a mom. I just love these tights.”

WILLIAM JACKSON HARPER (Actor, The Underground Railroad) 

“Things didn’t really change that much over the pandemic for me. I didn’t go full sweats all the time just because it depressed me to not put on real clothes.”

CHARLESE ANTOINETTE (Costume designer, Judas and the Black Messiah)

“My platform Crocs. I had worn Crocs in the past, but I told myself I wasn’t going to do it anymore. Just because — well, it’s Crocs. But my feet can’t take real shoes anymore.”

GLORIA CALDERÓN KELLETT (Writer-producer-director, GloNation Studios) 

“I basically just wore matching sweats head-to-toe. My Chrldr sweats are crazy soft. With sweats, you feel like, ‘I’m not wearing pajamas.’ But you are wearing pajamas.”


SUNIL NAYAR (Co-showrunner, 4400)

“As someone who pretty much wears the same thing every day, little changed except the slow, sad degradation of my preferred white shirt. What’s on [a Zoom] screen is passable. What’s just off, however, is now both paint- and ink-stained and torn on the back and bottom. But still I put it on almost every day.”

ALEX NEWELL (Actor-singer, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist)

“I have this floor-length, fake-fur coat. It’s blue, green and purple. My friends call it Sulley, after the character from Monsters, Inc. I’ve been wearing that around my house, being grand but so comfortable. I’m going to miss being comfortable.”



“There’s a part of me that feels like I have hives throwing on appropriate clothes now. My husband will get home after work and he’s like, ‘Oh wow, you dressed up for me,’ because I’m in tie-dye Raquel Allegra sweatpants. ‘And I’m like – I did make an effort! I put on nice sweatpants.’”

STACY RUKEYSER (Creator-showrunner, Sex/Life) 

“There was an article in The New Yorker about the ‘nap dress.’ My daily outfit isn’t anywhere as close to being an outdoor dress as what those look like. Mine’s a classic white cotton nightgown, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.”

IAN SAMUELS (Director, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things) 

“When I was on set, it was cold, and our incredible costume designer pulled this fuzzy green leopard-print cardigan off the rack and gave it to me. It’s so soft. It’s kind of like wearing a Muppet.”

GERALDINE VISWANATHAN (Actor, Miracle Workers)

“I have a big fuzzy jumpsuit. It’s kind of a pajama onesie, blue with white polka dots. And I’ve acquired seven new pairs of sweatpant sets of all different shades and designs. I don’t even think I’m going to miss them — I think I’m just going to continue on wearing them. “

ANDREW WANG (Head of television, JuVee Productions)

“My go-to in the pandemic was Aviator Nation sweatpants ­and fuzzy slippers in the shape of alpacas. We shot our pilot of Black Don’t Crack recently, and I had to wear jeans again — and that was a journey.”

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