Don’t buy into these 3 paint myths

Don’t buy into these 3 paint myths Sarah and Angel Traverso's sunny door, painted in Sherwin Williams Cheerful Yellow, makes for an inviting entry point to their home. "It makes you happy and smile when you walk in the house," said Sarah. A wreath from Ballard Designs adds a touch of greenery. Text by Shannon Dominy. Photo by Reynolds Rogers. On a string beside her bed and framed above her dresser, 6-year-old Andie Schwartz's own artwork adorns the walls of her room. Purple checked bedding from Pine Cone Hill contrasts with blue green pillows and walls painted in Sherwin Williams Swimming. Reynolds Rogers/For The AJC A burnt orange neighborhood plaque is a strong contrast with the exterior, which is painted Benjamin Moore Newburg Green. To prepare for the neighborhood's fall Tour of Homes, homeowner Chris Erickson renovated the porch, which included removing the screen and adding white furniture from Christopher Oquendo/AJC FILE The granite countertops have deep green undertones. When Simpson and Kouters moved in during 2017, repainting the kitchen was one of their only changes. The dark green paint matches the countertops. Christopher Oquendo/AJC FILE The upstairs guest room in the Virginia-Highland home has a textural flair to it. The embroidered pillows and blankets, which were collected from the homeowners' travels across America and Spain, add depth to the gray room, painted Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore. Christopher Oquendo/AJC FILE

By Kiersten Willis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Troy Warren for CNT #HomeGarden

Painting may not be a task that you look forward to, but it can easily makeover a home.

When you’ve decided to give your abode a paint job, there are a few things you should stop believing.

Apartment Therapy spoke to contractors and experts to disprove some myths about painting. Here are three of them.


Myth: You shouldn’t paint in cold temperatures

It turns out that if you take precautions, you should be able to paint in cold temperatures.

According to Delaware-based paint store Ricciardi Brothers, modern developments have led most paint manufacturers to offer acrylic latex paints that can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to keep in mind, though, that lower temperatures will lead to longer drying times.


Myth: You can save paint for later

Saving paint depends on a few factors. In some cases, you may want to throw it away if it’s been a while.

While some paint can be salvaged if it’s properly stored, Bob Vila says foul-smelling paint should be discarded. There are some ways you can reuse lumpy paint, such as using a paint strainer or skimming the film off the top. To increase the potential for reuse, store paint cans indoors, away from direct sunlight.


Myth: Any paint can be color-matched

While technology helps us color match paint, it’s not always recommended by experts.

“We never recommend paint color matches from one brand to another – results are rarely good,” The Color Conciergesaid. “If you need to use a specific paint company, find their version of the color that you want. Paint companies invest a lot of time and money to create proprietary paint color formulas. Some of them are complex, and hard to copy.”


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