9 No-Fail Ways to Add Fall Decor to Your Bathroom

9 No-Fail Ways to Add Fall Decor to Your Bathroom

By Alicia Chilton | BHG.Com

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The addition of seasonal colors and some simple accessory swaps will give your bathroom cozy fall vibes in no time. 

Fall decor usually finds a home on front doors, dining tables, and above fireplace mantels, but bathrooms are also apt candidates for a seasonal makeover. Whether you’re looking to bring some fall warmth to a powder room, master bathroom, or your guest bath, these bathroom decorating ideas for fall will help you display seasonal style in this otherwise hardworking space. A few seasonal accessories, a swath or two of orange or yellow, and some simple swaps are all it takes for a quick fall makeover. 

How to Decorate a Bathroom for Fall 

Many of the same fall decorating concepts that apply to other areas of the home also work in a bathroom. Bring in seasonal elements like pumpkinsand gourds, incorporate nature-inspired accents and materials, and add spots of fall color. Do-it-yourself fall decor and crafts also add a personalized touch.

Since bathrooms are typically small and without as much display space as a living room or dining room, keep fall bathroom decorating ideas focused and impactful. Don’t overlook the utilitarian functions of a bathroom, either. Keep accessories streamlined so they don’t interfere with your daily routine. Thanks to steamy showers and splashy sinks, bathrooms are also prone to moisture, and delicate materials and vintage finds might not hold up well. With these considerations in mind, get inspired by our favorite fall-themed bathroom decor ideas. 


1. Utilize Natural Elements 

Embrace nature in your fall bathroom decorating. Natural elements, such as leaves, branches, pampas grass, and dried flowers, lend laidback autumn appeal. Place a vase of colorful grasses or branches with berries on your bathroom sink. Repeat the hue from the arrangement on other accessories like soap dispensers or hand towels.


2. Incorporate Fall Colors Underfoot 

Ground your bathroom with a seasonal rug. Simply swapping out your rug for one in a fall palette of rich oranges, vibrant reds, or golden yellows will give your space an easy fall makeover. Look to your bathroom’s existing colors when selecting a fall rug. For example, if your bathroom color scheme is rooted in blue, pick a rug that includes fall colors that complement blue on the color wheel.


3. Keep It Simple 

Bathrooms are function-first spaces, often without room for extra decorations. Be deliberate and judicious in your fall bathroom decoration ideas. Pick one color to embrace and use it a few times throughout the room. Add a few accessories in your chosen hue, along with a pumpkin or two, and your fall decorating is done.


4. Display a Collection 

Gather a collection of vases in a single fall color and arrange them on a shelf in your bath. Translucent glassware, like these yellow vessels, add color without much visual weight, a plus for small bathrooms. Vary the heights, textures, and shapes of your containers for maximum impact. Fill one or two with some fall branches as a finishing touch.


5. Showcase Fall Florals

Decorating your bathroom for fall is as easy as adding flowers. Choose a favorite fall bloom for an instant touch of autumn. Arrange marigolds, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, or another fall flower in a vase to place on your bathroom vanity or an open shelf. An arrangement of a single flower variety offers elegant simplicity, while a mixed bouquet dials up the flair.


6. Swap Out Your Shower Curtain 

Create a fall focal point with an autumn-inspired shower curtain. In this bathroom from Jackie Giardina of Living Life After Midnite, a floral shower curtain in fall hue nods to the season while keeping in step with the room’s boho-glam style. Use a shower curtain to guide other fall bathroom decoration ideas. For example, choose towels that coordinate with the curtain’s colorway or repeat motifs from the design elsewhere.


7. Embrace Neutrals 

Fans of neutral hues don’t need to sit this season out. Instead of relying on color for fall-themed bathroom decor, lean into natural elements. Andrea Vowels of My Blessed Home layered bathroom shelves with white and gray pumpkins and an arrangement of cotton boll branches for a look that nods to fall without clashing with the bathroom’s neutral color palette. Varying textures and materials is key to a just-right display. Include wood elements, plush textiles, and a little sparkle from a glass accessory or two.


8. Add a Vanity Centerpiece 

Warm colors are a cozy antidote to the hard surfaces and utilitarian aspects of a bathroom. Fall foliage introduces another layer of comfort. Ana Ochoa of Fiddle Leaf Interiors decorated this bathroom with a fall arrangement on the double vanity. Turn to pampas grass for a plume of feathery leaves that suits eclectic and traditional tastes alike. 


9. Fall Bathroom Shelfie 

The secret to a picture-perfect shelf display? Symmetry and repetition. This fall bathroom display from Erica and Angelica of Our Cozy Casafeatures an asymmetrical arrangement of pumpkins and pumpkin-shaped lanterns. White and golden orange hues weave across the three shelves. Fall bathroom wall decor tucked behind the shelves completes the look.

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