3 interior designs that will be trendy this fall

3 interior designs that will be trendy this fall

By Kiersten Willis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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As we prepare for a new season, new trends emerge. This fall will be no different.

But what is different is the pandemic’s impact on upcoming trends.

“The trends we’re seeing for fall 2021 reflect more permanent changes we’ve made to our homes as a reaction to the pandemic. The central theme? Comfort, convenience and color,” PureWow said.

The women’s lifestyle website has a list of the fall’s trendy interior designs. Here are three of them.

Cozy fabrics with natural textures

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend is to use throws.

“Throws and blankets in autumnal tones, chunky knit blankets to add tons of texture, faux sheepskin or faux fur throws to add depth… layer them up on chairs, sofas and beds – it’s such an easy way to give old furniture a new, welcoming look and to add bags of comfort,” Real Homes said.

No more open concepts

According to The Spruce, room dividers can add versatility to a space.

“Use one to create designated areas in studio apartments or larger living rooms, or add one to your bedroom as a decorative accent. You can even find outdoor screens that’ll give you some extra privacy from neighbors.”

Vintage decor

As much as modern decor is adored, the pandemic seems to have led homeowners to turn to the past with their designs. That can come in the form of retro fusion.

“I love this trend, because it is one of the most nostalgic ones of the year. It’s all about a combination of ‘70′s rich warm color palettes, such as mustard-and-honey yellows, millennial shades of pink, dramatic tones of red and lush greens,” Western U.S.-based Living Spaces visual stylist Maro Zannia told the furniture store’s blog.

“It combines Art Deco and Bauhaus lines in furniture – and it’s all inspired by the ‘20s and ‘40s of the last century. Besides warm colors and curvy scallop shapes, another bold characteristic of this trend is the return of velvet furnishing.”

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