Video: Royal Caribbean CEO Talks Impact of Delta Variant on Cruise Industry

Video: Royal Caribbean CEO Talks Impact of Delta Variant on Cruise Industry

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Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain released his latest video update on Friday breaking down the impact of the Delta variant on the cruise industry.

Fain said on Facebook that while the latest chapter in the coronavirus pandemic has upset the cruise company’s plans, the rigorous health and safety protocols in place, as well vaccination requirements, have helped protect guests and crew members.

While the spread of the Delta variant has led to a dip in bookings for 2021 and early 2022 and impacted the overall business of travel advisors, domestic travel is still open for business and cruise lines have returned to service around the world.

“Bookings, especially those in the near term, are still not at the level we and you want to make the kind of money that we all need, but that too is ramping up,” Fain said. “The end of this battle is in sight, but we can’t let down our guard.”

Bookings continue to be impacted by the Delta variant, but Fain revealed forward-looking analysis from Royal Caribbean brands shows pent-up demand is still strong. As a result, the cruise company has more than half of its fleet back in service, with more vessels returning to the seas every day.

In this time of continued uncertainty, Fain said he and the entire cruise industry are leaning on travel advisors and their knowledge and insight to keep their clients safe and satisfied when traveling during the pandemic.

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