Pininfarina to Design Startup’s 1000-HP Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup

Pininfarina to Design Startup's 1000-HP Hercules Alpha Electric Pickup

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  • The Detroit-based EV startup Hercules has signed Pininfarina to design its upcoming battery-electric pickup.
  • Hercules Electric Vehicles says the Alpha pickup will be available in 2022. 
  • The company also says that the four-motor-equipped Alpha pickup will make up to 1000 horsepower. 

There is a lot of buzz around electric pickups following Ford’s F-150 Lightning reveal, and the tumultuous news coming out of the Lordstown Motors camp. That means there’s even more attention on the EV space and the younger EV startups like Hercules Electric Vehicles. Well, this young, Detroit-based prospective EV maker has penned a deal with the Italian design powerhouse Pininfarina to design an electric pickup truck.

The details of the deal are about as murky as the details of Hercules’s Alpha pickup truck. However, what we do know is this: Pininfarina will design the upcoming pickup truck and other future products for Hercules. Considering that Hercules claims the battery-electric pickup will be available near the end of 2022, it makes that seem like an ambitious timeline.

That said, the top brass at Hercules seems to have a good understanding of the automotive manufacturing space. The founder, James Breyer, has bounced around different automakers and worked as the lead propulsion development engineer for the Chevrolet Spark and lead powertrain development engineer for the Chevrolet Volt. That doesn’t curb the aggressive timeline for the truck’s availability, but it does give some confidence that the trucks should be well engineered when they make it to the road.

As is the case with any startup, though, there’s no telling if this truck will see the light of day. If it does, we’re sure Pininfarina will pen another fantastic design that will put the truck on EV buyers’ maps.

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