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Thanks to social media and the smartphone, June 21st recognizes a form of self-portrait that couldn’t exist without them; It’s National Selfie Day! We are encouraged to take creative (appropriate) selfies and share them on social media.

While the act of taking a selfie may predate social media, smartphones, and the word itself (which is now in the Oxford Dictionary), the popularity of taking these self-portraits keeps increasing. And the ability to take them gets easier all the time. Selfie sticks and multi-functional camera phones make it all too convenient to take these kinds of photographs as well as group selfies (aka groupies).

Selfies have become so popular, the most common types of selfies are earning names for themselves. Most of them are about documenting a moment in time, though others merely capture a look. They are called “selfies” after all. They usually feature a single person and that’s the person taking the photo. However, not all of them are about the photographer. We’ve gathered a few of them worth checking out.

Duck Face Selfie

The subject pushes out their lips almost as if going for an exaggerated kiss but it turns into a duckbill instead. Hence, the duck face.

Car Selfies

Social media is full of channels with videocasts located from the seat of one’s car. They’re informative, helpful, political, and funny. So, it shouldn’t surprise us that car selfies are a thing, too.

Bathroom Selfies

Where do we look our best? Before the wind and stress of life hit us, we look our best in the bathroom.

Pet Selfies

Next to our life partners, who do we love the most? Our pets. We take selfies with our cats, dogs, lizards, parrots, and so many more pets.

Bestie Selfie

Our besties might tie with pets for our love. It depends on the person. Either way, we take lots of selfies with our besties. #BFF, right?

Foodie Selfies

Why do we take selfies with food? It may be that it’s so beautifully presented or it’s our first time trying an exotic food, and we want to document the event. No matter the reason, foodie selfies are a thing.

Glamour Selfie

Other than the bathroom selfie, sometimes we look really, really good. Good hair day. The makeup is pristine and you’re dressed to impress. While you didn’t get all dressed up to take a selfie (or did you?), for some of us, the opportunity may not come around again. It’s best to get some proof.

Gym Selfie

Speaking of looking our best, sometimes a gym selfie is necessary to show progress. It also gives our friends the opportunity to say, “Hey, I haven’t seen a gym selfie lately. Are you slacking?”

Celebrity Selfie

If you find yourself on the train, in a coffee shop, or just on the street and see your favorite musician, author, or television celebrity, you’re going to stop and ask for a selfie. These popular little selfies make the rounds.

Travel Selfies

The Eiffel Tower. The Grand Canyon or the Hollywood sign. Broadway lights. Selfies in front of these epic locations add to a traveler’s collection. They’re like postcards to yourself.

Baby Selfies

Whether they are with your children, grandchildren, or other people’s children, baby selfies usually make us look good. We can’t help but smile. We can strategically place them in front of our bad spots. And they just improve our overall character.

Tattoo Selfie

Getting some ink is a major decision. Taking a selfie either while you’re getting it or afterward is part of the process.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSelfieDay

Take selfies of you and with your friends and family. Post your favorite selfies from your travels or from group gatherings. Even if you’re not very good at taking selfies, we’ve got you covered with 7 Selfie-Taking Tips. Use #NationalSelfieDay to share on social media.


In 2014, DJ Rick McNeely founded National Selfie Day.

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