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National Raspberry Bombe Day on August 11th recognizes this tantalizing frozen dessert. A raspberry bombe creates a beautiful finale to any summer meal. The dessert will be the centerpiece of your meal and tastes delicious, too!

Throughout August, raspberries are ripening. That’s why this is the third raspberry holiday in the month. Who doesn’t love the sweet, juicy berry? And they’re even better frozen into a delicious dessert. 

A typical bombe contains sherbet, heavy cream, sugar, chopped nuts, candied fruit and a dash of rum. The dessert is layered using a spherical mold and frozen overnight. With raspberries as the main ingredient, the result creates a terrific centerpiece. 

Since one raspberry bush can yield several hundred berries per year, make more than one raspberry bombe. That way you can celebrate two days in a row or share with a friend. While the raspberry bombe is already an eye-catching dessert, add some rose petals to the finished product. Why? They will be a conversation starter. Then you can tell your guests that the raspberries are in the genus Rubus of the rose family. 

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You can find numerous recipes for these frozen treats in cookbooks and on the internet. They’ve been served in a variety of flavors since at least 1882. Create your own after picking some fresh raspberries. Share the treat with your helpers.

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