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On November 30th, National Mousse Day serves up a delicious treat that can be savory or sweet.

What can we say about mousse? The word “mousse” in French means “foam.” Typically, we whip egg whites or cream to make a mousse. Depending on the type of mousse, its consistency can vary from light and airy to thick and creamy. 

This versatile dish lends itself well to both desserts and savory recipes. In fact, several types of mousse can be served at the same meal. From a smokey salmon mousse as the first course to a tart lemon or creamy chocolate mousse for dessert, there is virtually no limit to the flavors we can incorporate into a mousse.

Mousse can also be used as a filling for other dishes such as pastries and parfaits. A savory mousse pairs well with fruit and cheese plates making beautiful appetizers, too.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMousseDay

Enjoy some mousse. If you need a recipe, we have a Chocolate Mousseon our recipe pages.

Delicious recipes:

  • Sweet Avocado Mousse
  • Blue Cheese Mousse
  • Salted Caramel Mousse

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