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On February 20th, pet lovers everywhere observe National Love Your Pet Day. This holiday focuses on giving extra attention to our pets. The day encourages pampering our pets and focusing on the special relationship pets hold in our lives.

Did you know that most households in the United States have at least one pet? While there are more cats than dogs in the United States, more households have dogs than cats, but not by much. Pets are not limited to the canine and feline categories.  There are quite a few who prefer the companionship of birds, reptiles, fish, or rats. Whoever your pet companion is, we are sure you will enjoy spending a little extra time with them on National Love Your Pet Day and reap the benefits, as well such as stress relief and lower blood pressure. So on February 20th (and every day) show your appreciation to your pets!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalLoveYourPetDay

  • Bring your pet a special treat.
  • Take your pet for an extra-long walk.
  • Give them your undivided attention.
  • Check that their vaccines are up to date.
  • Watch a pet video with them full of cats, dogs, and other critters. 
  • Give them a few extra strokes with the brush while grooming. 
  • Practice their favorite commands – sit, shake, rollover. 
  • Play their favorite game or bring out their best toy.
  • Inspect their toys to make sure they’re in good shape. Throw out any broken toys. 
  • Wash their bedding, even if it’s not their laundry day. Let them fluff it up just the way they like it.
  • Whatever you decide to do, spoil and appreciate your pets! Use #NationalLoveYourPetDay to post on social media.
Love Your Pets FAQ

Q. I don’t have a pet. Can I celebrate the day?
A. Yes. You might not have pets, but you might be a pet lover. Visit a shelter or ask a friend if you can spend time with their pets. 

Q. My pets are stuffed animals like Teddy bears and dolphins. Is it ok if I love those pets today?
A. Yes. Show them some love. Re-organize them. Get them a new wardrobe. Have a tea party. 

Q. Do all pets like to snuggle?
A. It depends on the pet. Even as snuggly as a cat may seem, many of them do not like to snuggle. And while that boa constrictor seems awfully friendly, we wouldn’t mistake his attitude as snuggle-friendly. 

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