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Another seasonal holiday staple graces the table each year and National Cranberry Relish Day makes sure you’re prepared. On November 22nd make sure you’re stocked and ready. Get tasting the many recipes out there and pick your favorite one!

Believed to have originated in the New England States during the early 1900s, cranberry relish is a traditional part of many families’ Thanksgiving dinner.

Each Thanksgiving, Susan Stamberg provides National Public Radio listeners with her mother-in-law’s recipe for cranberry relish sauce. The American radio journalist, an American radio journalist, and Special Correspondent for NPR and guest host for Weekend Edition Saturday has been doing this since 1971. What’s unusual about the special recipe, known as Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish, is that horseradish is one of its principal ingredients. Craig Claiborne originally published the recipe in his food column in 1959. 

Numerous cranberry relish recipes grace cookbooks and blogs across the internet. The bright and sweet flavors are enhanced by ingredients like apples, oranges, and pineapple. You can make them spicy or nutty, too. Or, you might offer more than one style and use the leftovers for great sandwiches. But there’s more than one way to slice this cranberry dish. 

  • Use it as a marinade for pork, chicken, or beef.
  • Add it to barbeque sauce and pour it over meatballs.
  • Mix it into a batch of muffins for breakfast.
  • Stir it into cream cheese and add it to your morning bagel.

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Whip up your favorite cranberry recipes and relish the flavor! You can also share your tips and tricks to making a delicious cranberry relish.

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