NATIONAL 3-D DAY March 22, 2022

NATIONAL 3-D DAY March 22, 2022

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National 3-D Day celebrates the art, science, and history of stereoscopic 3-D imagery. Every year, in March, on the third day of the third week of the third month, we explore the technologies used to create 3-D photographs, movies, and art, and we celebrate the many ways that these images have been viewed and enjoyed.

We experience the world in three dimensions because we have two eyes that see from slightly different perspectives. These two points of view are combined in our brains, and the differences between what our eyes see are perceived as depth. This is called stereoscopic vision.

Sir Charles Wheatstone created the first stereo 3-D drawings in 1838. During the second half of the 19th century, viewing 3-D photographs became a very popular form of home entertainment. The 20th century saw the invention of 3-D movies, comic books, holography, and more ways to view representations of the world in 3-D. Recent developments in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality offer new opportunities to create and interact with 3-D media. Advancements in 3-D technologies bring digital images to three-dimensional life, assisting surgeons, projecting art around the world, and educating students.

What does the future of 3-D hold? New developments in stereoscopic capture and display methods will prove to inspire young scientists and storytellers to create the next generation of immersive stereoscopic content. 3-D technology may change the world.


  • Learn about the history of 3-D technology. That includes Sir Charles Wheatstone and all the developments since.
  • Explore the science behind 3-D. From cinema to 3-D printing, art and virtual reality programs, the science world offers more ways than ever to delve into the technology of 3-D.
  • Invite friends and family to watch a 3-D movie. Share your favorite 3-D experiences, whether they are movies, books, or art.
  • Develop a 3-D design. Share your idea and project, too!
  • Visit the National 3-D Day website for even more ideas. offers a wealth of adventure, projects, and ways to learn about 3-D.
  • When you do, be sure to use #National3DDay on social media.

3-D Space, The Center For Stereoscopic Photography, Art, Cinema, and Education, founded National 3-D Day in 2020 to recognize the fantastic history and resurgence of 3-D technology in the world around us. Honoring three-dimensional vision on an annual basis and celebrating the way it contributes to our lives will continue to be an exciting endeavor.

About 3-D Space

3-D SPACE is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization located in Los Angeles, CA, dedicated to the advancement of current and future 3-D arts and sciences. The organization operates a museum, art gallery, and 3-D theater, offers educational workshops and programs, and is supported by a team of experts in the arts, non-profits, and 3-D. Their combined knowledge and resources provide a comprehensive learning experience for all ages.


Q. I wear glasses. Can I still watch a 3-D movie?
A. Yes. Most 3-D glasses are designed to fit over existing eyewear.

Q. Is there new 3-D technology that allows me to enjoy a 3-D experience without special glasses?
A. Yes. Some screens are designed specifically for 3-D films eliminating the necessity for glasses.

Q. Are movies the only place to experience 3-D technology?
A. No. This technology can be found in art, books, and virtual reality programming, and even now the Metaverse.

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