Japanese scientists claim new vaccine may slow aging

Japanese scientists claim new vaccine may slow aging

By Avery Newmark, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Troy Warren for CNT #Health

Scientists in Japan have unveiled a new vaccine that they believe can remove “zombie cells” linked to aging and other various diseases.

The vaccine’s research team published their findings in the Nature Aging journal on Friday. According to the research, mice given the vaccination had lower amounts of senescent cells, also known as “zombie cells,” which accumulate as people age and are associated with conditions like arthritis and hardening of the arteries, The Japan Times reported.

“We can expect that [the vaccine] will be applied to the treatment of arterial stiffening, diabetes and other aging-related diseases,” researcher and professor Toru Minamino said, according to the Times.

Senescent cells are cells that stop dividing over time, but do not die off. They damage nearby healthy cells by releasing chemicals that cause inflammation. The vaccination, according to the Times, produces antibodies that attach to senescent cells, allowing white blood cells to eliminate them.

When compared to unvaccinated mice, mice administered the vaccine developed indications of frailty linked with old age at a slower rate. The researchers say that their novel vaccine has fewer negative side effects and lasts longer than other anti-senescent cell treatments already on the market.

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