Is It Even a Super Bowl Party Without a Chili Cheese Keg?

Is It Even a Super Bowl Party Without a Chili Cheese Keg?

By Mike Pomranz | FoodAndWine.Com

Troy Warren for CNT #Foodie

Hormel created a working chili cheese-dispensing tap and they’ll deliver it to one lucky winner.

Plenty of foods are Super Bowl party staples — like Buffalo wings and pizza — but for my money, the final game of the NFL season is dip’s time to shine. I’ll eat chicken wings any day of the year, but how often do you break out a serious dip without an extended gathering of friends?

The chili specialists at Hormel understand the importance of a dip on Super Bowl Sunday, and this year, they’re pushing the party to keg-sized limits creating a full-size chili cheese keg… tap and all.

Billed as “a revolutionary gameday appetizer innovation,” the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg combines cheese and the brand’s top-selling chili in a half-barrel that can dispense 15 gallons of hot dip before, during, and after the big game — nearly 300 four-ounce servings of Hormel Chili Cheese in total.

And more than just a large metal container, this keg comes with plenty of features including “a proprietary adjustable internal heating element, a tap handle in the shape of the iconic Hormel Chili can, and a chili-cheese pump that ensures optimal pouring.” Plus, once you’ve cleared out all of its chili goodness, Hormel says the keg can be refilled for future use.

“We know fans want to snack big when they watch the most important football game of the year, but they also want to add some excitement to their usual options,” Corrine Hjelmen, Hormel Chili’s brand manager, stated. “We thought what better way to show our fans how Hormel Chili can pour on the excitement than by creating a never-before attempted innovation.”

As you may have guessed, this chili cheese keg won’t be available in stores. Instead, one lucky winner will get the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg hand-delivered to their door in time for the Super Bowl. To enter, head to from now until February 6 where you can find all the details.

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