Hidden Valley Wants You to Give Out Tiny Ranch Dressing ‘Treats’ This Halloween

Hidden Valley Wants You to Give Out Tiny Ranch Dressing 'Treats' This Halloween

By Mike Pomranz | FoodAndWine.Com

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You can also dress like a giant bottle of ranch with the brand’s official costume.

With pumpkin spice season in full swing, that means Halloween is right around the corner. Even if you abstained from trick-or-treating last year, hopefully you remember what Halloween is: That one time of year where we all dress up as giant bottles of ranch and hand out little packets of ranch dressing to all the ranch-loving kids that come to our door. Wait… what?

Yes, for 2021, Hidden Valley — the original ranch brand — has officially offered to coopt Halloween with three new offerings from their Hidden Valley Ranch Shop. First, if you’ve ever wanted to dress up like a giant bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch (for Halloween or at any time really) the brand now has the official answer to your prayers: a polyester, one-size-fits-most adults, Hidden Valley Ranch Costume, selling for a mere $40 (plus shipping and handling).


And what if you are going to a Halloween party as a couple? Hidden Valley has your significant other covered as well, hammering home what they believe to be one of the best ranch pairings by selling a Hidden Valley Pizza Costume, too, for just $35. (For the record, there is nothing particularly “Hidden Valley” about the pizza costume; it’s simply pepperoni and mushroom without ranch anywhere to be seen. So if you just want to be a pizza slice for Halloween, here’s an option.)

However, Hidden Valley’s biggest Halloween innovation this year isn’t what you can be wearing, but what you can be handing out to trick-or-treaters. The brand has launched a Jack-o’-lantern-themed bag of “treat-sized” Hidden Valley Ranch packets, allowing you to treat kids with ranch dressing instead of candy at your door. “Give those Halloween trick-or-treaters a scary good surprise they’ll never forget,” Hidden Valley suggests. A bag of thirty 0.5 fluid ounce packets is selling for $20.


All three items are billed as limited edition while supplies last, but the store still appears to be stocked for now. So go ahead, make 2021 the year the neighborhood kids T.P. your house because you gave them ranch instead of candy. Or maybe they won’t T.P. your house because you gave them the ranch dressing they really wanted. Either way, it’ll be a Halloween no one forgets!

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