Gaming and Tech Veterans Join Scopely Board of Directors

Gaming and Tech Veterans Join Scopely Board of Directors

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Former Activision Blizzard president Coddy Johnson and tech adviser Marcie Vu will work toward achieving growth goals for the Culver City-based mobile games company.

Former Activision Blizzard president Coddy Johnson and veteran tech company advisor Marcie Vu have joined Scopely’s board of directors.

Both Johnson and Vu will help achieve growth goals for the Culver City-based mobile games company, which is led by CEO Walter Driver and known for word game Scrabble Go, strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command, dice game Yatzee With Buddies, and numerous others.

Johnson’s experience includes driving over $8 billion in annual revenue for Activision Blizzard, across its mobile, console and PC titles. From 2017 he served as president and COO of the company, leading its transition into free-to-play and mobile, before retiring from the role in 2020.

“I have long admired Scopely’s leadership and products, and I am honored to join them today as a Board member,” said Johnson, in a statement. “Their commitment to their player communities, their track record of building deeply immersive experiences, and their success in building global franchises for millions of players points to a bright future for growth, impact, and industry leadership. Their passion engenders immense creativity, an ambitious and adventurous culture, and business excellence.”

Vu has 20 years experience in investment banking and has advised clients such as Facebook, Google and Zynga. She has also consulted on mergers and acquisitions, including Electronic Arts’ acquisition of Jamdat Mobile.

“Scopely has all the right ingredients for high growth, long-term success: an incredibly talented, strategic and ambitious team, deep relationships with players, a technology-driven platform approach, and strong business fundamentals,” said Vu. “The company is not only a leader in games and technology, but it is building a new vision of play for consumers around the world. They have understood from the beginning that there is a fundamental need for human connection, community, and a sense of belonging, and their Playgami platform drives extraordinary engagement and deep player connections.”

Last October, Scopely raised $340 million in Series E funding to support its mergers and acquisitions strategy as well as expand into new product categories.

The company was founded in 2011 and maintains offices Spain, Ireland, the U.K. and Japan, in addition to its U.S. headquarters.

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