Argentina Reopens To Vaccinated US Travelers November 1

Argentina Reopens To Vaccinated US Travelers November 1

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Following a significant drop in COVID-19 infection since the Delta variant surge of this past summer, Argentina’s government has just issued an order to begin granting entry to fully vaccinated international travelers from all over the world as of November 1.

As long as foreign visitors are fully immunized and provide a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Argentina, no quarantine will be required. Fortunately, the South American country has a broad and diverse array of natural wonders to experience while staying sufficiently distanced from others, with one million square miles of terrain available to explore.

Specifically, Argentina’s new entry requirements for foreign travelers, regardless of their citizenship, will be:

—Completion of a full COVID-19 vaccine schedule, with the final dose administered at least 14 days prior to arrival in the country.

—A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of entering the country.

A negative COVID-19 test won’t be required in order to fly between Argentina’s various regions, to and from the capital of Buenos Aires.

According to Reuters’ Vaccination Tracker tool, 74.9 percent of Argentinians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 57.1 are now fully vaccinated. In addition to its border reopening, Argentina is sanctioning the opening of dance clubs and large-scale events with over 1,000 attendees at 50 percent capacity, to fully vaccinated individuals only.

Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 tracker shows that Argentina has seen 5.29 million confirmed cases of the virus and 116,000 deaths over the entire course of the pandemic. At the time of publication, the number of new cases has lowered to 1,385 from an all-time high of over 41,000 seen at the end of May; and deaths at a seven-day average of 1,221, compared to a June peak of almost 33,000.

The U.S. State Department is currently issuing a ‘Level 3: Reconsider Travel’ advisory for Argentina, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) likewise categorizes the country as ‘Level 3: COVID-19 High’ in terms of infection risk. The agency advises that travelers be fully vaccinated prior to traveling there, which they will need to be anyway if they hope to cross the border.


As part of Argentina’s international reopening, the following routes serving U.S. and Canadian travelers are scheduled to start operating in November:

American Airlines

Miami–Buenos Aires (13 weekly flights in November, then two daily in December)

New York–Buenos Aires (one flight daily)

Dallas–Buenos Aires (one flight daily)

Delta Airlines

Atlanta–Buenos Aires (three weekly flights in November, then four weekly in December)

United Airlines

Houston–Buenos Aires (one flight daily)

Air Canada

Toronto–San Pablo–Buenos Aires (five weekly flights starting in December)

Argentinian Airlines

Miami–Buenos Aires (nine flights weekly)

New York–Buenos Aires (five flights weekly in November, then six weekly in December)

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