Acura’s Ultium-Based Electric SUV May Bear the Name ADX

Acura's Ultium-Based Electric SUV May Bear the Name ADX

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Acura’s parent company, Honda, recently filed for the ADX trademark.

Honda filed to trademark ADX with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The ADX nameplate may appear on Acura’s upcoming  GM-built electric SUV.

Honda announced its GM-built electric SUV will wear the Prologue moniker.

Acura’s upcoming electric SUV may bear the name ADX, as evidenced by a recent trademark filing for the moniker by Honda, Acura’s parent company, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Admittedly, it’s entirely possible the ADX mark finds its way to a gas-powered Acura SUV, possibly one based on the next-generation HR-V that Honda’s developing for the North American market. Likewise, there’s always the chance Honda’s filed to trademark the ADX nameplate simply to prevent another automaker from using it.

Nevertheless, if we were the gambling type, we wager Acura pins the ADX name to its forthcoming electric SUV that’s due to be built by General Motors. Despite it likely sharing a platform, powertrain, and battery pack(s) with other GM EVs that use the company’s Ultium battery-electric vehicle bits, the electric Acura SUV still ought to wear distinct exterior and interior decor that reflects the luxury brand’s current design language.

Likewise, we believe Acura’s electric SUV will share few—if any—body panels with its Honda-badged kin that GM is also set to build for the Japanese automaker. Whereas Acura’s yet to formally reveal the name of its GM-built electric SUV, Honda confirmed its variant will sport the Prologue designation.

We’re sure Acura will reveal the name of its battery-electric SUV in the coming weeks or months. Until the brand tells us otherwise, though, our money’s on Acura pinning the ADX nomenclature to the latest addition in its SUV lineup.

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